GameStop Announces New In-Store PS5 Restock

GameStop has announced a new PS5 restock for the weekend, allowing for a new wave of potential current-gen console owners! It seems like PlayStation 5s are becoming more and more available as GameStop seems to be increasing the frequency of these different restocks. Whether or not this actually means anything for if or when they'll become available on store shelves and actually be able to stay there and not immediately sell out is a mystery at the moment. Nonetheless, GameStop's last PS5 restock was about a week ago, meaning the retailer is getting its hands on plenty of consoles on a regular basis. 

On Saturday, July 23rd, GameStop will have a new in-store PlayStation 5 restock, allowing a new group of people the opportunity to buy the highly sought after console. There are a few catches, though. Most importantly, you must be a Power Up Rewards Pro member to be able to purchase the console and that does cost $14.99 for a yearly membership. You also likely won't be able to buy the console for the standard $499.99 MSRP as GameStop has been offering its stock via bundles. These bundles can start at around $700 or more, but thankfully, they usually include major game releases like Horizon Forbidden West, gift cards, accessories, and more. Generally speaking, it's all stuff you would likely get eventually, but you're forced to buy it up front if you want in on the action. Of course, this is a lot of money to throw down all at once, so it's worth being prepared for.

If the frequency of these in-store restocks is anything to go by, would-be PS5 owners may be able to look forward to the holiday season. The fact GameStop is able to stock so many stores with consoles for a brief period of time and restock them as soon as a week later may show Sony is increasing production for the imminent holiday season. With huge releases like God of War Ragnarok around the corner, this will be important for the platform holder.

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