GameStop Rental Service Confirmed - Here's How PowerPass Works And Why It's Worth It


Earlier this week we reported that there was an interesting leak about a potential rental service for GameStop that allows players to play an unlimited amount of games for a set price. The program became available via a promotional ad that showed off a new deal called the "PowerPass" and now we know that it wasn't just some passing rumor - it's real! And actually kind of neat.

PowerPass is pretty straight forward: Gamers pay an upfront $60 fee and that buys six months of playtime for as many pre-owned games as you want. That's the only stipulation - they just have to be pre-owned. With new titles seeing a trade back as early as same day, it's a pretty sweet deal for those looking to "try before you buy" or simply want to play a game that isn't worth the full price tag. 60 bucks = 6 months unlimited library. Not too shabby.

The only slight catch is that it's only one title per rental - which is fair, and not uncommon for these kinds of services. Simply rent the title, play to your heart's content, then repeat the process. The icing on the cake however is that at the end of the 6 month trial, players can choose one pre-owned game to keep. So if you found yourself continuing back to one particular game, you can choose to keep it at the end of the time period.

One important distinction about the new program is that it is only open to PowerUp Rewards members. Again, fair - because this way stores can keep track of the titles rented and whether or not they have been returned. Games can be chosen via in-store or on their website - so there's a few different options to choose from. Perfect if you just feel like perusing the store anyway.


PowerPass officially launches in-store and online November 19th.