GameStop Shuts Down All of Its Stores in Another State

GameStop is shutting down more stores. More specifically, the retailer has announced it's shuttering all stores in Massachusetts after being ordered to do so in the New England state. According to the state of Massachusetts, GameStop does not provide an essential service, despite the pamphlet the retailer hands out to authorities that says otherwise. As a result, it's not allowed to operate within the state at this time, which includes operating via curbside pickup, which is what it's been doing in the state for the past couple of weeks.

As of March 24, the state of Massachusetts ordered every nonessential business to shut down. This included GameStop, but apparently the retailer didn't get the memo. That said, this week the inspectional services department for the City of Boston ordered a Dorchester store to close immediately. No fine was awarded to the retailer, but a nuisance order was issued, and the state inspector visited the store the following day to make sure it didn't open. This action caused a domino effect, leading to GameStop closing all stores in the state on Thursday, something it was supposed to do on March 24.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear what states GameStop is and isn't operating in. We know customers aren't allowed in stores, but the retailer has been doing curbside pick up for weeks.

According to a source we spoke to, when making an exchange with a customer employees are only supposed to open the door enough for their arm to reach out. While doing this, GameStop employees are ordered to use gloves, however, if there aren't any gloves available, they are asked to put plastic bags on their hands as makeshift gloves. You can read more about this strange process via this link right here.


At the moment of publishing, GameStop has not issued an official comment or statement on the situation in Massachusetts. That said, for more news, media, and rumors on GameStop, be sure to take a second and peruse all of our past and recent coverage of the retailer -- and everything related to it -- by clicking right here. In the most recent and related news, GameStop has revealed it will be closing down at least another 300 stores this fiscal year.

H/T, Boston Globe.

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