New Gears 5 Enemy Revealed, Meet the Stump

In what’s hopefully the start of a steady stream of reveals from the upcoming Gears of War game, [...]

In what's hopefully the start of a steady stream of reveals from the upcoming Gears of War game, a new enemy players will find in Gears 5 has been revealed. The enemy is known as a "Stump," and it looks to be some sort of grotesque combination of something biological mixed with metal and machinery. According to the text that accompanied the reveal when the enemy was shown off on the Gears of War Twitter account, it's best to hide if you see one coming your way.

We don't know much about the Stump yet aside from what it looks like and some of its offensive capabilities since we've only got a short GIF to work with. The tweet below which was shared from the series' account shows a brief look at the Stump as it appears to twist its body around and supports itself with one massive, gnarled appendage. After assuming an offensive and imposing stance, it whips out a gun from its back and starts firing.

While details on this enemy are still scarce, some people are already theorizing that the Stump is the result of a gruesome unification of DeeBees and the Swarm. This would certainly explain why it looks the way it does with its weaponry and armor fused with the red tendrils. This isn't the first reveal of a new enemy in Gears 5 either, and those who remember the reveal of the Rejects earlier in the month are seeing some similarities between the two enemies even if their sizes and shapes are quite different.

There's no known release date for Gears 5 yet – though perhaps one has already leaked – so we don't know when Gears of War fans can expect to face Stumps and Rejects themselves. Microsoft's E3 presentations will undoubtedly consist of at least some Gears 5 news though, so hopefully we'll see more about the game then. In the meantime, you should consider picking up The Art of Gears 5 if you're already sold on the premise of the next game and want a deeper look at it.