New Genshin Impact Event Is the First of Its Kind

Genshin Impact's next update, Version 3.7 set to introduce a new kind of event that hasn't been seen before when the update releases on May 24th. This one will focus on the Genius Invokation TCG that was added several updates ago. The event in question brings together characters from across Teyvat for the King of Invokation Grand Prix event which functions as a massive Genius Invokation tournament. Fittingly enough, this same update also revamps the card game itself with 60 new cards and more modes added to it for players to try out.

"Duel! The Summoners' Summit" is the name of the event that the King of Invokation Grand Prix is a part of with players who take part able to earn different rewards. The card game itself will of course be part of this with a "Zero Hour Invokation" tournament tasking players with dueling with set cards. There are two minigames, "Evermotion Mechanical Painting" and "Heart of the Dice" available during this event as well which channel parts of the TCG for players who want to take a break from the card game itself. By taking on these challenges and other sub-events within Duel! The Summoners' Summit, players will earn things like Primogems as well as the grand prize: the four-star Ibis Piercer bow.

Whether you've been playing the card game for a while now or are just now going to get started with it during this event, the Version 3.7 update is introducing new cards and modes for players to try out even after this event concludes.

"The ever-expanding TCG collection will officially welcome Character Cards of all four Archons as well as a larger selection of characters, monsters, weapons, and artifacts," a press release about the new event explained. "With more flexibility in deck building, two special TCG modes serve as great testing grounds. In the new PvP mode 'Arena of Champions,' winners will need to secure a total of 5 wins, while 3 losses will result in you having to start over from the beginning. The other new addition is the PvE mode 'The Forge Realm's Temper,' where players can select the difficulty level and additional conditions to score extra points."

Genshin Impact's big Version 3.7 update is scheduled to release on May 24th. You can see more on the event from the trailer released this week with more details expected to be shared on socials ahead of the release later this month.