Genshin Impact Gets PC, Mobile Release Dates

Genshin Impact now has a release date, but only for two of its three planned platforms. The game will release for the iOS, Android, and PC platforms starting on September 28th with signups open now for people to pre-register and work towards community incentives offering prizes based on how many people show interest in the game. The PlayStation 4 version is the only one that lacks a release date right now, but developer MiHoYo said that’ll change soon when the console release date is revealed at a later date.

The release date for the free-to-play game was shared by MiHoYo this week as opportunities for pre-registrations opened alongside the announcement. Even though the PlayStation 4 version doesn’t yet have a release date, you can still pre-register for that platform to presumably know more about the game’s launch plans as soon as they’re confirmed.

So far, it appears that 379,599 people have taken advantage of the pre-registration opportunity to sign up. aside from just being able to learn more about the game, there are incentives in place that’ll reward players for more community involvement. The first of those rewards is unlocked at 600,000 signups with different tiers after it rewarding players different in-game resources. These rewards top out at 3 million pre-registrations which seems like it’ll take a while to get to, but it doesn’t sound like an unreasonable number given the interest so far.

Part of that interest in Genshin Impact manifested itself during the beta opportunities extended to players in the past. PlayStation 4 users got a beta most recently to test Genshin Impact. The game often attracted comparisons to Breath of the Wild because of its gameplay systems involving combat and exploration, though it deviates from that formula in some ways with its own style.


If you did take part in any of the beta tests before, whatever you did there won’t be brought over to the full game. MiHoYo said previously that progress wouldn’t be carried over to the full game and that progress made would be wiped after the beta eneded.

Genshin Impact is scheduled to release for the iOS, Android, and PC platforms on September 28th with a PlayStation 4 release date expected to be announced soon.