Genshin Impact PS5 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact is just a few days away now with that upgraded version scheduled to release on April 28th. A week ahead of that release, Genshin Impact developer miHoYo and Sony shared a gameplay trailer showing off what players can expect whenever they load it up on a PlayStation 5. The trailer offers nearly eight minutes of gameplay footage all pulled from the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

For the most part, the trailer simply looks like more Genshin Impact. That’s because some of the changes shown in the trailer will be easier to see in person whenever you’re playing on your own PlayStation 5. Better textures and quicker load times are sometimes more difficult to perceive through trailers alone, but they’ll serve their purpose better the more you play. Those enhancements will be joined by things like detailed views from increased distances, support for a native 4K resolution, and HDR support.

“With Genshin Impact, we want to transport you into a visually stunning and culturally diverse world,” said Zhenzhong Yi, the studio technical director at miHoYo. “The all-new graphics library allows us to pack even more details into the game world. Look closely at your surroundings, and the high-res texture will tell you a unique story in every tiny detail; raise your eyes to the horizon, and the enhanced Level of Detail distance will bring you an impressive view of landmarks near and far. Even better, the PlayStation 5 allows you to run all these details in native 4K resolution. If you have an HDR display, with our HDR support, you can enjoy an even more vibrant look at the world.”

As for the DualSense controller, Genshin Impact will support some of the controller’s enhanced feedback features, but not all of them. Yi said the studio is “redesigning the controller support from scratch” to explore the DualSense’s potential. There’s promise of more features coming in the future, but for now, players will feel different vibration patterns in the controller compared to the PlayStation 4 version of the game thanks to the DualSense’s support for haptic feedback.


Once you hop into the PlayStation 5 version, you’ll want to go check out Qingyun Peak as well. Yi said the team created an “exclusive version” of that hotspot just for PlayStation 5 users.

Genshin Impact’s PlayStation 5 version releases on April 28th alongside the game’s next update.