Ghost of Ikishima Reportedly in Development for PS5 and PS4

Ghost of Ikishima, a standalone expansion for last year's highly popular action-adventure game [...]

Ghost of Ikishima, a standalone expansion for last year's highly popular action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima, is rumored to be releasing later on in 2021. News of this new expansion's existence began coming about earlier today when a handful of known industry insiders and leakers started to talk about how the project was in the works at PlayStation right now. One insider in particular, however, revealed the name of the game and some other details about its scope.

According to Nick Baker, who is an insider that has been somewhat reputable in the past, Ghost of Ikishima is going to be the name of this new game that is associated with Ghost of Tsushima. Baker describes the title as an "expandalone", meaning that it will seemingly be able to be purchased and played without owning Ghost of Tsushima itself. He also likened it to Gears 5: Hivebusters, which was a single-player campaign expansion for Gears 5 that released late in 2020. Hivebusters was only a few hours in length, seeming to suggest that Ghost of Ikishima will be shorter in nature as well.

The other most important pieces of information from Baker state that Ghost of Ikishima is planned to release at some point in 2021. In addition, he also speculates that the game will be available not only on PlayStation 4, but also on PlayStation 5. This point is perhaps the most interesting considering that Ghost of Tsushima itself isn't natively available on PS5, outside of an upgrade for the game that has been released for the next-gen hardware.

It remains to be seen if Ghost of Ikishima is real, but based on all of the rumors that have suddenly come about related to this title, it definitely sounds like we should hear more from PlayStation soon. In fact, many insiders, including Baker, have suggested that Ghost of Ikishima will be revealed at a PlayStation event that has been reported to be happening quite soon.

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