Ghost of Tsushima Update Turns Your Greatest Enemy Into an Adorable Ally

Can you pet the dog in Ghost of Tsushima? Currently, no, but the game's next update is not only changing that, but will make it so you can recruit dogs as allies. On October 16, a huge Ghost of Tsushima update is releasing that will add multiplayer, new game plus, and even a big new feature fans have been asking for since launch. Sucker Punch Productions and PlayStation announced and detailed the update this week, but they left out a key feature it will add.

With the update, not only will you be able to pet dogs, but you'll be able to recruit them as allies. You'll be able to do this by equipping the Charm of Canine Recruit in New Game Plus. At the moment, it's unclear if this charm will be limited to New Game Plus, but the verbiage in the official announcement suggests it is.

Whatever the case, the aforementioned pair also confirmed you will be able to pet the spirit dogs in the game's multiplayer mode.

Below, you can check out the new feature in action, courtesy of Sucker Punch Production's official Twitter account:


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"It’s difficult to stay on task in Ghost of Tsushima. Whether you’re liberating a settlement or tracking down your next worthy opponent for a duel, there’s always something to distract you be it a cry for help or an animal intent on showing you Tsushima’s secrets," reads the opening of our review of the game. "Distractions like those are common in open-world games, but in Ghost of Tsushima, they’re implemented with a depth that’s difficult to come across elsewhere. Impressionable characters who are as integral to the story as the protagonist Jin himself and the appeal of finding your next test of skill make getting lost a goal, not an accident."