Ghost of Tsushima Adding Big Feature Fans Have Been Asking For

Ghost of Tsushima's upcoming update on PS4 is adding a big new feature fans have been asking for. On October 16, Sucker Punch Productions and PlayStation are releasing a big new update for the game that will include, among other things, new game plus and the addition of Legends, the game's free multiplayer content (for more information on this update, click here). The update is also adding armor loadouts to the game.

With armor loadouts, players will be allowed to assign all Charms and vanity items to each armor set to quickly swap between various loadouts that match your current playstyle and roleplaying preferences. This won't be a big feature for everyone, but for those that swap around armor a lot, this will be quite a handy addition.

While the update is primarily focused with Legends, this won't be the end of single-player additions. There will also be a new merchant, a new horse, new weapons, new armor, and of course, as mentioned, new game plus.

Best yet, all of this will arrive for free. For now, this is the only post-launch content announced. It's unlikely the game will get too many more big content updates or features, but there's certainly more updates to come. Sony hasn't announced how long it plans to support the game, but Legends will ensure it's supported longer than some other single-player PS4 exclusives.


Ghost of Tsushima is available via the PS4 and the PS4 only. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a native PS5 port.

"It’s difficult to stay on task in Ghost of Tsushima," reads the opening of our review of the game. "Whether you’re liberating a settlement or tracking down your next worthy opponent for a duel, there’s always something to distract you be it a cry for help or an animal intent on showing you Tsushima’s secrets. Distractions like those are common in open-world games, but in Ghost of Tsushima, they’re implemented with a depth that’s difficult to come across elsewhere. Impressionable characters who are as integral to the story as the protagonist Jin himself and the appeal of finding your next test of skill make getting lost a goal, not an accident."