Ghost Recon Breakpoint's First Raid Is Now Live

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s first big raid called Project Titan is now live to task players with [...]

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's first big raid called Project Titan is now live to task players with fighting an entirely new faction and more. The raid that Ubisoft calls a "demanding challenge" will eventually have players go up against raid bosses aptly called "Titans" that have unique combat styles to adapt to. Rewards for players who are able to defeat these Titans include items like weapons and customizations as well as class-specific gear.

Ubisoft announced on Thursday that the raid is now live in the game, so if you need a break from Thanksgiving festivities or you're not even celebrating the holiday, now's the perfect time to gather some friends and take on the raid. Before getting started with it though, Ubisoft recommends that you have a Gear Score of 250 before you attempt it. There's a minimum Gear Score requirement of 150, so if you're below that, you'll have to wait to face Project Titan.

The video above gives a preview of what this first raid will be like while Ubisoft provided additional details through a post on its site. These details encompassed things like how the various Titans would play against the groups of players as well as the checkpoints players will encounter to mark their progress in the raids. You don't have to complete the whole thing within one sitting, but you do need to complete it by Tuesday and every Tuesday afterwards if you want to make out with the full array of rewards.

"Each Titan is a raid boss that poses a unique threat," Ubisoft said about the raid. "Baal is a land drone that deploys laser-guided destruction; Quantum Computer is armed with a deadly smoke trap; Gargoyle strikes from the sky; and Cerberus causes mayhem befitting its mythological inspiration. To take down the bosses, players will have to locate them using intel, analyze their attack patterns, devise strategies, and above all, work together. Defeating a boss will unlock a bundle of rewards, as well as a checkpoint that is valid for as long as the session lasts. Raid progress and rewards will be reset every Tuesday at 1:00 AM Pacific Time."

Customization items, master plans, and more were listed as the rewards for defeating Titans and completing the raids. Class-specific gear for the Assault, Panther, Sharpshooter, and Field Medic classes will also drop during the raid.