New G.I. Joe Video Game Is Now Available

While a number of 1980s properties remain huge today, G.I. Joe has struggled to breakthrough with modern audiences. Cartoons like Transformers and My Little Pony have managed to find new audiences, but the forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra just haven't connected with younger viewers. That could all change in the future, however. Franchise favorite Snake Eyes has a solo movie coming in the near future, and the silent ninja and the rest of G.I. Joe and Cobra can be seen in a new mobile game on Android and iOS devices! The game is called G.I. Joe: War on Cobra, and it's available starting today!

Developed by Emerald City Games, War on Cobra is a free-to-play strategy game in which players can choose to represent the Joe team or Cobra. In order to protect their base from the opposing team's forces, players must try to acquire new characters and vehicles, and more will join the game's line-up in the coming weeks. Naturally, whether players choose to play as the Joes or Cobra will have a direct impact on what characters, vehicles, and assets are available. Regardless, assaults in the game's PvP battles can come from land, sea, and air (G.I. Joe is there!), which will add quite a bit of strategy to the gameplay.

G.I. Joe: War on Cobra is kicking things off right off the bat with events that will allow players to unlock two of the franchises most beloved characters: Snake Eyes, or Storm Shadow, depending on which side players choose from. Then, on January 24th, players will be able to participate in new events, which will bring in Roadblock or the Baroness!


The G.I. Joe franchise certainly makes a lot of sense for a strategy game, especially a FtP title. After all, the series boasts a plethora of characters and designs for Emerald City Games to add throughout the game's lifespan, and that should appeal to both old-school fans, and gamers reared on FtP titles like Fortnite. If the game can manage to find some success, it could be just the shot in the arm the franchise has needed for some time, now. After all, it's been ages since these characters have been reimagined, and the game's art style, combined with the classic designs of the characters, really gives the game a cool look; these designs would make for an excellent toyline!

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