GIFT GUIDE: 10 Best Holiday Gifts for the VR Lover

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The holidays are upon us, and with only a few weeks to go until the new year, people are scrambling to get their hands on great deals for the latest gaming gadgets. There’s a lot of options on the market when it comes to virtual reality, so we’re here to help you figure out what’s going to work best for the gamer on your list. Our virtual reality gift guide features picks for all price ranges, as well as useful accessories for an ultra immersing experience.

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Easily one of the most beautiful games you’ll ever walk through, Skyrim is topping charts in the VR world, and for good reason. Playstation is offering a few different bundles for their VR headset, but this one is definitely our favorite.

  • Google Cardboard - $15

New to VR? Google Cardboard works with tons of different games, and because of its simple, open-source design, there are plenty of different design offerings for the discerning new player. Google Cardboard is easy to set up and works with most mobile phones.

Oculus Rift

One of the earliest big-name entries into modern-day VR, the Rift will cost you a pretty penny, but easily has the most available accessories and add-ons to make for a really cool, immersing experience.

One of the pricier entries on this list, the Vive is built for Steam and because of that, the available library of VR games -- from blockbusters to new indies -- is boundless.

  • VR Covers (HTC Vive - $19.99)

Once you’ve chosen your preferred method of virtual reality gaming, it’s important to make sure that you keep your skin protected, and your head safe. One wrong knock against a wall and you could be looking at a broken nose. Pick up a padded cover for your headset before you start getting into it.

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In between games, you’ll want to make sure that your headset and accessories keep themselves powered. Pick up one of these for your stuff so that you can pick it back up and play right away.

  • Gaming Vests - $99

The entire point of VR is to fully immerse yourself in your game, but this one’s for the more courageous player. If you’re looking to feel the jolt of a punch or a gunshot while in-game, here’s a pick for you, ya crazy animal.

With a combination of AR and VR capabilities, the Windows Mixed Reality headset seeks to move past the limits of its competitors. There’s one for every major Windows system and mobile as well.

  • Virzoom VZ Bike Controller - $399.99
(Photo: Virzoom)

Looking to get some cardio in with your VR experience? This workout accessory does exactly that. The virzoom is made specifically for VR, and works with PC, Mobile, and PS4 games.

Most VR headsets - if not all, right now - require the use of external headphones for a better surround-sound experience. Turtle Beach has an awesome line available and made especially for VR.

What's on your list this holiday season? There are plenty of upcoming games for virtual reality, so stay tuned for more news soon.