Casual Version of Gloomhaven Coming in 2020

Cephalofair Games has announced a new version of Gloomhaven geared for more casual gamers. The as of yet untitled version of Gloomhaven will have a 24-scenario campaign and four new characters. While details are still scant, Gloomhaven creator Isaac Childres noted on Twitter that the barrier to entry is deliberately as low as possible so as to attract new players. The new version of Gloomhaven will cost between $40-$50 and will be released in 3Q 2020. You can check out Childres's announcement, along with some promotional art below:

Childres also released artwork of the four new characters, which includes a Demolitionist, a Necromancer, a Red Guard, and a Hatchet.

The original version of Gloomhaven is a complex dungeon-crawler with an emphasis on hand management and choices that leave a lasting impact on the game. Players work together as a mercenary group through a full scenario, unlocking new storylines and scenarios as they progress through a branching campaign. With 18 characters to choose and over 90 scenarios to playthrough, Gloomhaven earned numerous awards when it was first released and is currently the highest ranked game on Board Game Geek, which serves as a collective database for board game fans.


We'll report on more news about this new version of Gloomhaven when it becomes available. Cephalofair Games has also teased a new Gloomhaven "big box," with an announcement expected later this year.