Gloomhaven Digital Game Launches Next Month

The long-awaited digital version of the smash hit board game Gloomhaven will be released next month. After two years in open beta, Asmodee Digital announced that its computer adaptation of Gloomhaven will officially be released for Steam on October 20th. The game comes with 250+ different missions to complete, split between a campaign mode and the Guildmaster mode that's unique to the digital game. Asmodee estimates that the game will take about 200 hours or more to complete. All 17 classes from the original board game will also appear in the digital adaptation of Gloomhaven, and the digital version will include the option for up to four players to play in co-op mode.

Gloomhaven is a deep strategy game that combines the trappings of a fantasy tabletop roleplaying games with a tense and evocative combat system. The campaign mode is split between two parts - players can upgrade their equipment and abilities in the town of Gloomhaven before venturing out into the grim wilderness surrounding the frontier town to complete various scenarios. At the start of each round, players choose two cards from their hand. Each card contains two actions - players choose the top action from one card and the lower action from the other card. Once the cards are played, they are discarded and can only be retrieved by taking a long rest. One key to Gloomhaven's strategy is that taking a long rest forces a player to permanently get rid of one of their discarded cards for the rest of the scenario. This means that players not only have a whittling list of abilities to use, they also have a limited number of turns before they run out of cards and lose automatically. You can check out an overview of the game below:

Gloomhaven currently is the top-ranked game on BoardGameGeek, the main review site and forum for tabletop games. Gloomhaven's two Kickstarters (for a first and second printing) raised over $4 million. A sequel game, Frosthaven, is currently in development and raised nearly $13 million on Kickstarter. 


The full digital version of Gloomhaven will cost $34.99 and will be available on both PC and macOS devices. The game will officially be released on October 20th.