God of War Camera Hack Shows a Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Moment

God of War's camera has been hacked nearly two years after the game released, the result is some behind-the-scenes looks at parts of the game which were previously inaccessible. Modder and game explorer Lance McDonald has been looking at the game's cutscenes and other important moments form different angles by using the camera hack he created, and he's already found at least one humorous moment that took place after the game's intense opening. The moment occurs right after Kratos and Baldur have their first struggle and showed that Baldur apparently got the last laugh even though it seemed he'd been defeated.

McDonald shared news recently that he'd successfully hacked the God of War camera and showed a preview of what it looked like to view things from different perspectives. He said he'd been working on it since last year and that he finally worked out the remaining issues to make it work properly without prior issues hampering it. He showed off its success by presenting his followers with a new take on the game's opening boss fight.

As those who've played the game will know, Kratos eventually beats Baldur in this fight before tossing him off a cliff. That's the end of the encounter until Baldur shows up later in the game, but Baldur wasn't about to let Kratos get a complete victory.

By following Baldur through his descent into the chasm, McDonald found that the character was animated in a pose that saw him doing the splits near the bottom with both arms outstretched to give Kratos the double middle finger. The character lingers there for a moment before eventually disappearing.

McDonald asked Cory Barlog, the director for God of War, who was responsible for the funny animation. Even if we never get an answer to that, we at least can look forward to seeing more behind-the-scenes moments from the game thanks to McDonald's work.


People may recall some of McDonald's past projects revealed much more about P.T., the spooky demo that never was turned into a full game. he's also worked extensively on Bloodborne and other FromSoftware games.