Pacific Rim Uprising Director Wants Dave Bautista to Star as God of War

Director and producer Steven DeKnight has an idea for anyone planning on making a live-action God [...]

Director and producer Steven DeKnight has an idea for anyone planning on making a live-action God of War movie: Cast Dave Bautista as Kratos.

The director for Pacific Rim Uprising and executive producer for the first season of Netflix's Daredevil submitted his vote for a Kratos actor on Twitter when another user asked the open-ended question of who would be an appropriate actor to portray God of War's protagonist Kratos. An imposing character who's constantly brimming with anger and enough strength to take down Hercules, Zeus, and every manner of creature, DeKnight said that Bautista would be a smart fit for a God of War role, or any role for that matter.

DeKnight's comment about the actor and former pro wrestler taking on the role of the Ghost of Sparta came from another comment that the director made about the latest God of War game. When asked to pick four comics that made a huge impact on the director, he said that he was more preoccupied with playing the new God of War at the moment to be picking the comics. The question about who would play Kratos came from there, and now there's a brilliant idea out there for if a God of War film is ever created.

Bautista already has quite the accomplished acting career, the actor known best now for his role as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well as the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and other appearances throughout the Marvel universe. He's got a massive fanbase that would probably be thrilled to see Bautista pick up the Blades of Chaos and take a journey through Ancient Greece, the new Norse regions, or anywhere else a director would hope to take him.

Though no such movie has been officially discussed in any capacity, it would of course have to worry about overcoming the "video game curse" that plagues so many other game-to-film adaptations. The God of War universe is built on mythology with multiple games to draw inspiration from, so it's a wonder that a live-action movie hasn't already happened. If it ever does though, Bautista would be an excellent fit for Kratos, and DeKnight himself might even be down to direct it.