God of War ESRB Rating Reveals if Love Scenes Will Return

god of war sex

We can't wait to see what the new God of War has in store. This will be the first time that PlayStation players will get to see Kratos in arguably his most important role yet: a Father. Seeing the next phase of this well-loved narrative delve into different themes and mythologies, it's got a lot of us excited to see how the new game will play out. Luckily, a very detailed ESRB rating has been released for the upcoming title, and though it gave us some pretty hilarious visuals about Kratos tripping over decapitated heads with his son judging silently, it did also hint at whether any romance will be once again returning.

We couldn't help but to notice that among the long-list of F bombs and severed heads, the mention of nudity and sex were glaringly missing unlike previous titles. Instantly the Twitter feed was hounded with replies concerning the "sex mini-games," with reactions being mixed. One comment in particular had us laughing so hard, but it's definitely NSFW so we'll just leave it at that. One thing is for sure, the rating summary was impressive even sans romance scene. It promises total brutality and a lot of action. We had a lot of fun with it though and maybe it's the over abundance of coffee, but I couldn't help but to imagine Kratos stepping on heads yelling f*ck while his son laughs at him tripping face first into mayhem. But that could just be me.

According to the game's official description:

You are Kratos, the son of Zeus, and god of war. Betrayed by your father and tricked into killing your family by Ares, you brought vengeance to Olympus and watched as it burned around you.

Leaving the ruins of Rome behind, you now set off for a new land in search of a fresh start and a home in which you can peacefully raise your son. But old habits die hard.

  • A New Pantheon: Travel through the perilous lands of Midgard while facing fierce monsters and deities from Norse mythology. The gods are new, but their blood still runs red.
  • New Responsibilities: After so many years alone, you have a son. As you teach him to survive in this strange new world, you’ll have to come to terms with the dark legacy which the two of you now share. Wiser than you were years ago, you have the opportunity to defy your internal rage to do right by your son.
  • Brutal Combat: The next generation graphics on the PS4 give battles a visceral feel that bringing legends to life like never before.

God of War, a new adventure exclusive to the Playstation 4, invites you back into the challenging world in which myths can kill you. Building upon the events of Gods of War III, Kratos and his axe face the unknown. What challenge can Valhalla offer when you already vanquished the might of Rome?

God of War is set for a 2018 release.