God of War Fan Gets an Incredible Kratos Tattoo

Someone who’s apparently a huge fan of Sony’s God of War series got an impressive portrait of Kratos underneath another battle scene tattooed on their arm. This impressively realistic portrayal of the God of War himself was shared on Instagram before it eventually caught the eye of Sony Santa Monica who reshared it for all of its God of War fans to marvel at.

Alex Young, a tattoo artist who works at Libertalia Tattoo Shop in Spain, shared several images on Instagram to show off the full God of War tattoo that. It wasn’t said in the post who received the tattoo, but the artwork is big enough to cover the owner’s arm from their shoulder to their elbow. It shows a remarkably detailed portrait of Kratos with his signature scars and red markings, and above that, there’s a scene showing Kratos with his Leviathan Axe and Atreus out in front of him.

You can find the images below as well as Sony Santa Monica’s tweet about the tattoo after the studio asked the artist for permission to share it themselves.

A tattoo of that size would be quite the undertaking and the commitment, but the series has certainly established enough of a following by now to make such a creation seem not so outlandish. If nothing else, the God of War game from 2018 was enough alone to convince a God of War fan to get some work done. This tattoo clearly takes some inspiration from that game alone since it’s got Kratos’ new weapon in it along with his son and the God of War’s new beard he was sporting in the latest game.

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