New God of War PC Update Live, Patch Notes Revealed

A new God of War update is live on PC alongside patch notes that reveal and detail everything PlayStation has done with the PC port's third update. And it's not much. In fact, the update only makes one change. More specifically, it has "fixed an issue that caused leaks in memory allocation which could result in either decreased performance or a game client crash." That's it. Now it's possible the update does more than this, but just doesn't disclose the full list of changes. This is fairly common, but in this instance, it's unlikely. There's no reason to make secret changes to a PC port.

As for how big the file size of the update is, we don't know. The patch notes don't detail this. That said, considering the update only does -- seemingly -- one single thing, the file size should be on the very small side. 

As for when the next update will be, we don't know. There's no word of when the next update will be, and if the updates so far have been indicative of the updates to come, there isn't anything meaningful on the horizon for the PC port.

God of War is available on PC and PS4, and playable on PS5 via backward compatibility. A sequel, God of War Ragnarok, is currently in development for the PS4 and PS5. It's tentatively scheduled to release sometime this year.

"At the end of the day, God of War on PC is, well, God of War on PC," reads a snippet from our review of the PC port. "That might sound like a trite way to describe this port, but the fact that I found no major drawbacks or issues with this version of the game is basically all that you can hope for when publishers bring a console game to PC. The end product here shows that PlayStation is becoming much more experienced with this PC porting process, which isn't just a great thing for God of War, but it bodes well for the company's future plans in this space. If you somehow haven't played God of War already, now is the time to rectify that mistake and prepare for the arrival of Ragnarok later in 2022.