'God of War,' Other PlayStation Games See Permanent Price Drop

Although we have yet to see any major price drops on hardware for the holiday season, it looks like Sony is wasting no time when it comes to slashing prices on some of its hit games.

God of War

The company has announced a series of permanent price drops on some of its most recent releases, as well as other titles that you may have overlooked including its PlayLink series. These are permanent and affect both the physical copies of games sold at retailers, as well as the digital versions on its own PlayStation Store.

Leading the pack is God of War. Since its release back in April, it's been killing it in terms of sales. But now it's likely to sell even more, as Sony has dropped its price to $39.99, making it quite a steal for anyone that missed out on it.

In addition, Shadow of the Colossus, which is an epic remake in its own right (especially on the PlayStation 4 Pro), is now only $20, making it an absolute must for everyone's game library.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has also dropped beneath the $20 price point, going for $19.99. Considering we're not getting a new entry in that series anytime soon, it's a good time for players to invest and enjoy what it has to offer.

Gran Turismo Sport is also $19.99, and although it had its online issues at launch, it's a serviceable racer for that price.
Since the MLB season is winding down with the World Series, MLB the Show 18 has halved its price, going now for $19.99.

And if you missed out on Detroit: Become Human, you can catch up on its story now for a cheaper price, going for $39.99.

Finally, all four of the PlayLink games are now just $5 each. These include the mysterious Hidden Agenda; the social-based game That's You!; the trivia game Knowledge Is Power; and the karaoke-fueled SingStar Celebration.


This ties in with the possibility that both the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro could see price drops sometime over the next couple of months, though Sony hasn't confirmed this just yet. We'll keep you posted once an announcement is made.

Get out there and buy some games! Particularly both God of War and Shadow of the Colossus, which are both superb.