God of War Ragnarok Is Getting a PC Release

PlayStation continues its PC ports with God of War Ragnarok up next.

God of War Ragnarok, the most recent game in PlayStation's long-running God of War series, is heading to the PC platform. PlayStation announced as much today during May's State of Play event, though considering the pattern PlayStation has been following with its PlayStation-to-PC releases, that shouldn't be much of a surprise. God of War Ragnarok will come to PCs later this year on September 19, 2024. 

God of War Ragnarok came out back in November 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 which meant that even though we don't know when the next God of War game is coming out, it's almost certainly the last one that'll grace the PS4. Interestingly enough, it received the exact same Metacritic score as its 2018 predecessor, God of War, with both games earning a 94, so if you enjoyed the sort-of reboot for Kratos years ago and never got around to playing this one, it's worth revisiting now that it's coming to the PC platform.

It may be worth revisiting again even if you did play it on the PS4 or PS5 since PlayStation's PC ports typically offer the most complete and customizable versions of games. The most recent PlayStation-to-PC game, Ghost of Tsushima, boasted different settings not possible on the PlayStation consoles as well as a complete package with all the DLC and the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends mode, for example. God of War Ragnarok got Valhalla after release which was a free epilogue for Kratos and company, so PC players will get to navigate that as well after completing the base game.

Of course, PlayStation has been adamant about continuing to put its games on the PC platform albeit at a much later date than their PlayStation releases, so seeing God of War Ragnarok confirmed for PCs shouldn't be surprising. Other PlayStation games other than the most recent Ghost of Tsushima that have come to the PC platform include Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, Helldivers 2, The Last of Us Part 1, Returnal, and both Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. With God of War Ragnarok soon to be marked off the list, one would expect Marvel's Spider-Man 2 would be the next big milestone for these PC releases.