Google Announces First Stadia Connect, Will Reveal Prices and Games

Google has set the date for its first ever Stadia Connect, a stream that will reveal information about the streaming service such as prices, game announcements, and other details pertaining to the launch. This stream is scheduled to take place on June 6th at 9 a.m. PT, according to Google's announcement. Google's first Stadia Connect will take place just a week before the events of E3 take place and we get hit with many more gaming announcements, but Google said "some news can't wait for E3."

The announcement for the announcements was shared on the Google Stadia Twitter account which has been dropping the occasional teaser ahead of the second part of Stadia's big reveal. These updates have been sporadic for the most part, but the account will likely be filled with details on June 6th as the most important announcements are shared there.

Google first announced its Stadia streaming service back in March with only a few details shared at that time. It promised in May that the most important details like pricing and game announcements would be revealed "soon," so people were expecting this information to drop during or around E3.

When the product is releasing is of course a big detail to reveal, but the games that it'll come with and how much it'll cost are the two factors that people will be most looking forward to hearing about during the first Stadia Connect. We don't know of any specific games that'll be playable through Google Stadia yet, so we can expect those to be a prime focus of the stream. Ubisoft has worked with Google in the past to test a streamed version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey through what was then called "Project Stream," so it wouldn't be hard to believe Ubisoft may be among the studios mentioned during this week's Stadia Connect.


Like other occasional streams such as Nintendo Directs, Inside Xbox, and now PlayStation's State of Play, this Stadia Connect stream will only be the first of several to come. The YouTube channel for Stadia which has already been set up to host the first stream ahead of June 6th says Stadia Connect is "a series that gives you a look at Stadia news, events, new games, bonus features & more," so expect to see more of these streams later.