Gorgeous New Gameplay For Fe Debuts at PSX

(Photo: Zoink Games)

Fe made its game play debut this weekend at Playstation Experience in Anaheim, and for those of you who thought the Gamescom trailer looked good, wait until you hear what the game has in store for you during the demo. Check it out below:

Over the course of the roughly twelve minute demo, developers Klaus Lyngeled and Alexandra Dahlberg from Zoink Games introduced viewers to Fe, a tiny fairy-like creature who communicates with their surroundings by singing or producing melodic calls. These sound cues help Fe interact with plants and natural elements in the game, as well as animals that Fe meets within the game’s enchanted world. All of these animals seem ‘friendly’ - as in, they’re not the bad guys. Animals who you become friends with can join you in your travels, and assist you in awakening nature. The game is open-world in an interesting sense, with a definite start and end goal, but plenty to do long after you’ve wrapped our play-through.

The demo also allowed players to listen to even more of the game’s serene soundtrack, which changes alongside the game play. If players are in a dire situation, the music speeds up and become more intense; on the flip side, gentle melodies follow you when you’re just frolicking through with your animal squad.

A lot of the game is about discovering things on your own, with very little instruction on where to start and end. The aim, according to Lyngeled, is to give players the freedom of making the game their own in a way -- figuring things out the way they want to. There are plenty of things to do in certain areas that you won't have the ability to complete when you reach them, so tracking back to those spots once you've learned more is also a part of the game's experience, but an optional one. As a primary goal, Fe must make friends and defend the other creatures of the forest from a group of attackers known as the Silent Ones, who are capturing the wild animals.

Right now, Fe is set for release in early 2018 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.