This Gorgeous New Xbox Controller is Now Up For Pre-order

Later this month, Xbox fans can add a gorgeous new controller to their collection in the form of Microsoft's Phantom Magenta Special Edition. With a translucent design, the controller really stands out from the company's other Xbox offerings. Whether fans are looking for a new option for their Xbox One, or if they're just looking for something cool and different for the launch of Xbox Series X later this year, this is definitely an appealing option! There's also a matching charge stand, as well. Both the Phantom Magenta Special Edition controller and its matching stand are set to arrive on March 17th.

Of course, as far as controllers are concerned, Xbox owners have a plethora of options to choose from, already. The Xbox Design Lab offers more than 1 billion different design combinations, and that's a great way for players to make their choices stand out from the pack, particularly those who like to game while traveling. Still, there's something very cool about a translucent design, and the Phantom Magenta Special Edition should definitely appeal to both current, and future, Xbox owners.

For most console manufacturers, this time of year likely wouldn't be a great time to release a new controller. However, with Microsoft pushing compatibility between all of its various platforms, new controllers are a much more valuable investment for Microsoft users. Players that decide to upgrade this year to an Xbox Series X will still be able to use their previous controllers, and Microsoft Windows players will also get some use out of it. It's a rare thing for a console manufacturer to allow this kind of flexibility, and small details like these could be a nice incentive for Xbox owners to stick with the brand in the next console generation.

The Phantom Magenta Special Edition will retail for $69.99, while the charging stand will cost $49.99. The controller can be pre-ordered directly from Microsoft here.

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