Gran Turismo Sport Servers Down on Christmas Eve, Holding Players' Progress Hostage

If you love racing games, then you probably showed up to read this article well aware of what we're about to tell you. Since late last night Gran Turismo Sport servers have been down for most players. This is a fairly common problem with any game that is played online, but the issue is exacerbated with GT Sport because players are unable to save their single-player progress while disconnected. This is leaving most players with no option other than shutting the game down, potentially losing precious progress, and waiting to see when they pop back up.

The timing here is doubly unfortunate since many new PS4 owners are opening, or about to open, Gran Turismo Sport for the first time. No doubt as many families who open presents on Christmas eve, droves of racing game fans are booting up the game only to find out that most of its functionality is restricted with the servers shut down.

This is something that Gran Turismo Sport was blasted for right before it launched, and something that many reviewers just couldn't get over. Having so much key functionality wrapped up in an online component of a game is just asking for trouble. Servers go down; they just do. Having most of the significant content online oriented, and shoehorning players online in order to save their single-player progress, was a serious oversight. Now we're seeing why.

Some players have reported success hopping back online with the "reconnect" option, while others haven't been so lucky. If you've been playing the offline content, just make sure you don't close your game before the servers come back online, and you shouldn't have to lose any of your progress. Good luck!