Grand Theft Auto 5 Actors Recreate Lamar Roasts Franklin Meme IRL

GTA 5's Lamar roasting Franklin memes have continued to be ever prevalent in gaming circles over the past few days. The meme format, which is something we reported on here at only a few days ago, has only continued to evolve even further since that time. Now, it has perhaps reached its crescendo with arguably the best iteration of the meme having now come about.

Courtesy of PlayStation Haven, the YouTube channel was able to get the real-life actors for both Lamar and Franklin to reprise their roles as each character and play out the scene in person. Slink Johnson and Shawn Fonteno, who each portrays Lamar and Franklin respectively, can be seen in the video below acting out the iconic cutscene from Grand Theft Auto V with absolute perfection. Everything about it from the way the camera moves to the intonation in both Johnson and Fonteno's voices is nailed in this reenactment.

What's most fascinating to me about this entire video is the fact that it even exists this quickly. This Lamar roasting Franklin meme format has only gained traction over the past week or two so for both Fonteno and Johnson to have come together to act this scene out so quickly is a bit surprising. I could have envisioned this becoming a thing maybe in a few weeks or months, but for both actors to have been able to make this happen in the height of the internet meme's popularity is really fun. Shoutout to both Fonteno and Johnson for doing this and surely putting a smile on the face of many around the globe.

So what’s your favorite iteration of this meme? For my money, this one is now the best by far, but maybe you still have another personal favorite. Be sure to let me know down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12 with your own thoughts.