GTA 5 Lamar Roasting Franklin Memes Take Over Grand Theft Auto Community

We’re only one week into the new year but we already have an early candidate for gaming meme of the year. Fans have been taking one cutscene from Grand Theft Auto 5 where one of the game’s main protagonists, Franklin, gets roasted by his friend Lamar and have been turning it into a scene where anyone and everyone can take a shot at the character. And when I say everyone, I mean it.

The meme template for these “Franklin Getting Roasted” memes basically takes the cutscene in question and replaces Lamar with any other character from fiction or the real world to clap back at Franklin. Some of the most popular iterations of the meme see characters like Kermit the Frog, Vegeta, Yoda, Toad, and dozens of others making their way into the conversation. The dialogue in each scene remains largely unchanged but the voices of each character tends to match what we would expect them to sound like.

What has started off as a relatively simple meme in structure has only started to evolve as time has gone on. Some users have changed the scene to where Franklin and Lamar don’t get into an argument at all and they instead just go chill in the former’s home. Others have devolved into cutscenes where no back and forth chirping happens at all, like in the video attached above where Yakuza's Kiryu just ends up singing.

Likely my favorite iteration of the meme so far sees a Persona 5 spin on the sequence. Rather than having a character from P5 make their way into the scene, one user dubbed the video with music, sound effects, and text boxes that you’d expect to see from the beloved RPG. It’s goofy to be sure but I’m always a sucker for anything that involves Persona.


So are you as addicted to this meme format as we are? Let me know down below and be sure to send me your favorite iterations of it that you may have seen so far over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.