Grand Theft Auto Online Now Has a King of the Hill Mode

Grand Theft Auto Online players have a new mode to experience now in the online game thanks to the latest weekly update. The familiar game mode called “King of the Hill” that’s found in all sorts of other competitive games is now in the Grand Theft Auto game where players are split up into teams and have to fend off others to maintain control of an area until they’re declared the winners.

Rockstar Games announced the release of its new mode in the same weekly announcement where you find all the new bonuses and other interesting features that have come to GTA Online. There are seven different maps that you’ll play King of the Hill on in GTA Online, but other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward King of the Hill experience if you’re used to playing that mode in other games.

“Lay your claim to the throne in King of the Hill, a brand-new mode where up to 16 aspiring monarchs across 2-4 teams wrestle for royal ascension,” Rockstar Games said about the new mode. “Grab your weapon of choice, head for the high ground and assert your dominance in seven different maps spanning the fine state of San Andreas.”

If you want to play King of the Hill in GTA Online, you can find it through a few different ways. Visit the “Featured Series” button in the loading screen, find that same icon on your map, go to the “Rockstar Created” section of your online jobs, or pulling up your in-game phone and checking the “Quick Job” list. Anyone who plays the game mode now that it’s available will get twice the normal amount of GTA$ and RP, but that bonus is only live until October 16th.


Once you’re done playing a few games of King of the Hill, you can also get the mask that’s seen above in Red Dead Online, assuming you’ve already linked your social accounts between the two games. That mask will be available until December 12th, so there’s no rush to get it if you’re hooked on King of the Hill.

GTA Online’s new King of the Hill mode is now live with the bonus going on until October 16th.