Report: Grand Theft Auto Online’s Doomsday Heist May Have Originally Been Single Player DLC

Grand Theft Auto Doomsday Heist

Grand Theft Auto V has become the biggest success story in this generation of gaming – or maybe even overall – and part of that success lies within the hyper-addictive Grand Theft Auto Online and its expansive field of activities. And it got a major boost last week with the addition of The Doomsday Heist, one of its biggest missions to date.

But what if I told you that Doomsday Heist wasn’t originally intended for Grand Theft Auto Online, but instead Grand Theft Auto V? We’ve talked in the past in regards to Rockstar Games reportedly considering single player DLC for the game, only to abandon the idea and focus on multiplayer goods instead.

A thread was found over in the GTA Forums that discusses potential DLC for the game, dating back to 2015. In it, several things are talked about, including a casino heist and a jetpack – two key elements that are part of GTA Online now.

A Twitter user by the name of Fun 2 posted the link on his feed, noting that he originally posted the thread on the forums. “Two years ago, I’ve posted this in the SP DLC thread,” he explains. “Jetpacks are coming and Clifford (which I thought is a new city or a town) is the Supercomputer name! Cut content which was planned for SP DLC are used for online DLCs.”

The move kind of makes sense, considering more players are taking on activities in Grand Theft Auto Online these days instead of playing through GTA V’s single player campaign. But we can’t help but wonder – what if this did expand the single player story and its possibilities?

Rockstar Games hasn’t commented on this story, so it can’t really be confirmed as official or not. But taking a close look at the notes in the Forums, it wouldn’t surprise us if this got changed around a little bit so that it would work within the Online universe.


You can at the very least give Doomsday Heist a try, getting your friends together and trying to pull off the crime of a lifetime.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now as part of Grand Theft Auto V, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.