Grand Theft Auto V Mod Brings Goku From Dragon Ball Z into the Game

Grand Theft Auto 5 is no stranger to the strange that comes with community modding. You can shoot up the streets with an AK as Elsa from Frozen, you can turn turn all enemies into penguins, you can even get your weeboo on by transforming into various anime characters. In that same vein, players can now harness their inner Goku from Dragon Ball Z because this script mod brings the popular fighter into the game and he's available now!

JulioNIB is a renowned modder in the community and his latest creation lets players take to the sky as one of the most notable characters from this franchise. Go Super Saiyan, Ki Blast until the cows come home and then Kamehameha the cows ... there are no limits here. Basically what we're saying is is that the GTA 5 Dragon Ball mod is pretty much one of the coolest things ever.

Dragon Ball not your thing? This same modder is behind countless other creations, including bringing Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk to the world of Los Santos. Mods are in no way necessary to enjoy a game but they sure can be fun! Especially for those that have enjoyed a certain title for a long period of time and are looking for a way to liven it up a bit. Besides, why go bowling with your cousin (er, wrong Grand Theft Auto) when you can go Super Saiyan instead?

Interested in downloading the mod for yourself? You can harness your inner Goku right here. You can also find tutorials and how-to videos on his Facebook page right here. Happy modding!

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"When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government and the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive in a ruthless city in which they can trust nobody, least of all each other.

The game offers players a huge range of PC-specific customization options, including over 25 separate configurable settings for texture quality, shaders, tessellation, anti-aliasing and more, as well as support and extensive customization for mouse and keyboard controls. Additional options include a population density slider to control car and pedestrian traffic, as well as dual and triple monitor support, 3D compatibility, and plug-and-play controller support."