'GRIS' Takes a Beautiful Journey Into the Heart of Sorrow This December

Pop in your headphones and take a deep, quiet breath. This morning publisher Devolver Digital is [...]

Pop in your headphones and take a deep, quiet breath. This morning publisher Devolver Digital is proud to share the reveal trailer for GRIS: a beautiful, heartfelt expression of grief and grit coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this December. Get centered, and check it out above.

"Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality. As the story unfolds, Gris will grow emotionally and see her world in a different way, revealing new paths to explore using her new abilities."

Barcelona-based developer Nomada Studio is promising an experience free from death and frustration. You're here to navigate this surreal, hand-illustrated world; the inner world of Gris. We don't know what initiated her journey into the heart of suffering, but we do know that we'll be able to explore her story without worrying about keeping track of lives or health bars. This is all about the experience, but Nomada did confirm that we can look forward to puzzles, platforming sequences, and optional challenges as well.

The team at Nomada is comprised of veteran developers, experienced illustrators, and daring artists. Their talent and inspiration are evident in the trailer you just watched. The music you heard came compliments of Berlinist, a Barcelona-based band whose makeup is similarly diverse. The two have come together to create a sweeping audiovisual experience that is as arresting as it is gentle.

It's been said that "art is the decoration of space, and music is the decoration of time," and I was reminded of that truth while watching this footage. These guys are making something really special.

If the trailer left a lump in your throat (guilty), then you'll want to mark your calendar for December and follow Nomada here on Twitter. There you can join the conversation and find some like-minded gamers who share your taste in excellent, narrative-driven art. Hopefully that will make the time pass more quickly.

In the meantime, we'll be hoping to get our hands on GRIS as soon as we can. We're fascinated that Nomada has chosen to launch on the Nintendo Switch and PC, and I'm personally psyched to see this project come to fruition. I foresee a few awkward nights in December explaining to my wife why I'm sobbing in bed.

Stay tuned.