GTA 5 Mod Brings God of War's Kratos into Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto V is no stranger to intricate mods. You can take out entire groups of people as Frozen's Elsa, bring the tried and true lightsaber to Los Santos, and turn NPSc into bumbling penguins ... the sky really is the limit. With God of War reviews pouring in, it's only natural that Kratos should find himself back in the spotlight and now, he's in Los Santos.

The mod, created by Lê Tuấn Khải, can be downloaded here and brings Kratos from God of War III into the shoot 'em up title. It even comes with his iconic Blades of Chaos. It's not the Norse Kratos we are seeing with the most recent title, but it is a fun little throwback to the game's predecessors.

As far as the next God of War goes, we're slowly chugging along until that April 20th release date. The reviews are coming in rapidly and so far, the latest title is receiving nothing short of the highest praise. Check out a small blurb from our full review below:

"At every turn God of War manages to dazzle, and instills a profound sense of wonder. I don't understand how Santa Monica was able to tell this entire story in one, unbroken shot without loading screens or cuts. I marvel at the imagination and ingenuity of the artists and designers who crafted this incredible world.

Impossibly large temples of stone and precious metal, brilliantly glowing crystals and magical effects, and technically mind-boggling set-pieces that your mind will struggle to comprehend all suggest a game that would have been impressive on next-generation hardware. Even on a PS4 Pro, I had so many stop-and-stare moments wherein I sat and wondered how this was happening on a home console."


I can't wait for all of you to take this journey. It may sound grossly hyperbolic, but I feel perfectly confident in saying that God of War, and the story it tells, belongs alongside many of the greatest works of modern fiction across any medium. It is truly one of the great fantasy adventures of our lifetime, and one that I foresee us all returning to for years to come."