GTA 6 May Use Feature From Cancelled Bully 2, Teases Insider

According to a plethora of reports, Rockstar Games has greenlit Bully 2 on at least three different occasions before eventually abandoning the project each and every time. According to the most recent reports, the latest canned project was quite ambitious, which may explain why it was inevitably canned. How ambitious, we'll never know, but we do know that Rockstar Games was planning to allow players to enter every building, something you don't even get from linear AAA games, let alone open-world games. And if Bully 2 was going to be anything like Bully -- which is to say, have a large open-world complete with a town and a campus -- this would have been a ton of work. That said, apparently, Rockstar Games may lift this ambition and feature for GTA 6, which would be even more impressive considering how big and how many buildings GTA 6 is likely to have.

The scuttlebutt comes the way of Rockstar Games insider Tez2, who suggests Bully 2's ambition, at least during this particular iteration, was its death, with Rockstar hesitant to spend so much on a game without the same potential as GTA or Red Dead Redemption.

"They definitely had interesting ideas and a functional vertical slice, but faced issues with certain mechanics that would require more effort and a great budget for a game that may not be as successful as GTA," said the Tez2 of Bully 2 and its cancellation. "Since then, Rockstar have talked about how the tools have improved since GTA V's release under RDR2 development and will be improved even more under GTA 6 development too. Maybe by then, the tech Rockstar would have could solve most of the issues to do with Bully 2?" 

The Tez2 continued:

"The next upgrade, I could think of, for GTA 6 would be allowing us to access most if not all buildings or interiors we could see, but with the similar scale of open-world you could expect from a GTA game. The same selling point, but with a franchise that would definitely sell and a bigger scale of course."

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official and it's all subject to change. If there's a game that could pull off such a feature on such a large scale, it's likely GTA 6, as it will have nearly unlimited access to resources and some of the best developers in the industry .