GTA 6: Take-Two CEO Reveals Why It's Coming When GTA 5 Continues to Sell

Grand Theft Auto V is the second best-selling video game of all-time. Since the game's release back in 2013, GTA V has sold 160 million copies across various platforms, making it second only to Minecraft in total sales. Given how well the game continues to perform after all these years, some might have been surprised to hear that Grand Theft Auto 6 is officially in development. In an interview with, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked if there were any potential concerns about the new game "cannibalizing" the continued strong sales of GTA V.

"You always have to be willing to be fresh," Zelnick replied. "You always have to be willing to bring consumers what they want. The minute you try to protect the past, you become irrelevant."

Consumers have certainly been asking for GTA 6 for a long-time! The game might be one of the most highly-anticipated of all-time, and there is a certain segment of the fanbase that has gotten very impatient with Take-Two and Rockstar over the last eight years. Zelnick, however, is confident that past GTA games will continue to thrive even after the new game is released.

"I'm thrilled Rockstar's working on the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto. I have no doubt it will be just great, and there's every evidence to believe from the past that the Grand Theft Auto catalog will also continue to perform," said Zelnick.

It certainly seems possible that GTA 6's eventual release will cause GTA V sales to slow, but Zelnick is correct that there will always be an interest in past entries in the series. Even if the game never sells another copy, Take-Two has to be more than happy with that performance. No other video game has even come close to finding this kind of long-term viability. If GTA 6 manages to find even a fraction of that longevity, Take-Two will have another major success on its hands.

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