GTA Online's Next Big Update May Release Very Soon, And Here's What It Could Be

GTA Online's next big update may be releasing soon. Recently, some changes were made to the game, by Rockstar, over on SteamDB, which only usually happens when a new update is about to drop. In other words, the changes signal that Rockstar Games is getting ready to drop a new update for the game, which previous rumors and reports have suggested could be the case.

"Interesting changes to GTA V on SteamDB. This usually happen when a new update is releasing soon," explains prominent Grand Theft Auto V community member Tez2. "We have one vehicle left and new Time Trials (R* accidentally talked about in the loading screen). New GTA Online update possibly coming out early December?"

As you can see, while it looks like we can bet on getting a new update, likely in December, it doesn't appear anyone knows what it could be. That said, back in October, it was discovered that the game may introduce roles or the cut Cops and Crooks content in the near future.

Whether this will happen in the aforementioned pending update, who knows. In fact, for now, it's best to take all of this with a grain of salt, though Rockstar Games has teased in the past we would be getting more meaningful content for GTA Online near the end of the year.

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