GTA Online Update Adds New Deadline Arenas, More Bonuses and Rewards

GTA Online got some new races not long ago as part of the game’s summer updates, and this week, [...]

GTA Online got some new races not long ago as part of the game's summer updates, and this week, it's getting similar content with new Deadline Arenas added to the game. Rockstar Games announced on Thursday the addition of seven new Deadline Arenas playable now alongside bonuses for those who partake in the game mode. There's also a chance to earn a huge rebate of GTA$750,000, but only if you play the Deadline mode within a certain amount of time.

The new Arenas added to GTA Online for the Deadline mode should look familiar to players since they represent different parts of the game's Los Santos setting. If you play Deadline now throughout the next week to check out the new Arenas, you'll have triple the rewards to show for your efforts.

"Some visions of the future are brighter — more neon and explosive — than others," Rockstar Games said about the update. "Deadline is one such vision, complete with matching light-up jumpsuits and helmets. This week brings seven new arenas to the cutting-edge game mode across some of the city's most notorious landmarks — and they're paying out 3X GTA$ and RP all week long."

Whether you're planning on playing Deadline matches a lot or just for a bit, you should at least try out the new Arenas once this week to qualify for the rebate mentioned previously. You'll have to play in the Arenas mode and then purchase the Shotaro which is 40% off right now. If you do that, you'll get the GTA$750,000 rebate sometime after next week.

"Launch straight into Deadline from the boot menu or access your arena of choice by navigating from the Jobs Menu," Rockstar Games said. "Plus, play a round of Deadline and purchase the Shotaro before June 30th to receive a GTA$750,000 rebate (available within 72 hours of logging in after June 30th)."

When you tire of Deadline, A Superyacht Life missions are also giving out triple rewards while Entourage will give out double. All these bonuses will be live from now until next Thursday when another weekly update drops and replaces these incentives with new ones.