GTA Online Has Diamonds and Better Casino Rewards This Week

Rockstar Games is putting the focus on Grand Theft Auto Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort this week with some familiar rewards and bonuses up for grabs again for a limited time. That means that the diamonds, the coveted prize from the casino that’s only available ever so often, are back in the vaults for players who are lucky enough to find them. Even if you’re not that fortunate, you can still come across some guaranteed bonuses for completing Casino Story Missions this week.

The focus on this week’s GTA Online update was clear just from the tweet below that Rockstar Games shared right on schedule on Thursday. If you want diamonds, you’ll want to pay the casino a visit this week. You’ll have to successfully pull off a heist and be fortunate enough to find them, however, so while they’re not guaranteed, they’re at least there for players to find.

“If you would rather get your hands dirty: multiple walkie-talkies inside The Diamond have been chirping about a potential delivery of diamonds being made to the vault sometime this week,” Rockstar Games said about the return of the diamonds. “The only way to confirm or deny the rumor is to scout out the contents of the vault to see if the odds are in your favor.”

Diamonds aside, there’s still more work to be done in and around the casino to net players some extra profits this week. Hit up Agatha for some Casino Story Missions and you’ll get bonuses that’ll pair nicely with your newfound treasures.


“Trading in your cash for chips is one way to try and get rich off a casino’s dime. Another is helping Agatha Baker by completing Casino Story Missions and assisting the house in running some errands around Los Santos: fending off mercenaries, chauffeuring VIPs, and generally making yourself useful. Ms. Baker will make it worth your while, dishing out triple the usual cash and RP on all Casino Story Missions until April 28th.”

GTA Online recently deviated from its usual schedule to give players some bonus items on 4/20. It’s back on its normal schedule now, however, so expect the bonuses available now to be live for the week until they’re cycled out for some new ones next Thursday.