GTA Online Giving Out Extra Gifts for One Day Only

Rockstar Games has a pretty consistent schedule when it comes to weekly updates for its two big online games GTA Online and Red Dead Online. The Red Dead Redemption 2 mode gets its new goods on Tuesdays, and the acclaimed multiplayer component to Grand Theft Auto V gets its weekly updates on Thursdays. Rockstar Games deviates from that trend sometimes, however, and it's done so again today on April 20th by giving GTA Online players some 4/20 gifts and bonuses for one day only.

The latest in the GTA Online bonuses were announced ahead of their release, so if you've been keeping up with the game's last weekly update from the previous week, you'll have already been expecting these. Players can get a special parachute bag, clothing, and a vehicle customization this Tuesday. You'll also get a unique shirt if you own one of the cosmetics given away previously.

"This Tuesday, visit Ammu-Nation to collect the extraordinarily rare High Flyer Parachute Bag. Then head over to Binco, Ponsonby's or Suburban to pick up the gratis Green Space Horror Suit and complete the trip by hitting LS Customs for some free Green Tire Smoke," Rockstar Games said about Tuesday's specials. "You'll also receive the Fake Vapid T-Shirt and Black Rockstar Camo & White Rockstar Camo Shirt just for playing. And if you logged in earlier in the week to claim the Vapers Den Tee (or already acquired it previously), you'll be rewarded with a special Aged version on 4/20."

For those who are still actively completing the Cayo Perico heists where you can score extra loot, you can get even more rewards this week by taking weed during your missions since it's paying out twice the rewards this week.


All you have to do to get these rewards is log into GTA Online just like you would to get past bonuses, but the catch is that these are only available on Tuesday. You'll get more stuff on Thursday whenever the next update drops, assuming today's bonuses haven't thrown anything off the schedule, but you'll only get the 4/20 bonuses today.