GTA Online Update Adds Another Los Santos Tuner Vehicle

Rockstar Games continued its trend of new Los Santos Tuners content this week by adding another vehicle to GTA Online as part of the free weekly update. This vehicle, however, is one that players probably already have taken in a spin in once or twice since it was technically added to the game last week as a test drive option. The vehicle in question is the Vapid Dominator ASP, and while it was only testable last week, you can now add it to your garage. You can also look ahead to next week's update, too, by taking yet another pre-release vehicle for a ride.

With a design that most closely resembles a Ford Mustang, the vehicle can now be picked up from Southern San Andreas Super Autos if you've got the funds for it. Rockstar Games showed off the vehicle on social media while offering a preview of it within the notes for the game's latest update, too.

"Southern San Andreas Super Autos' newly stocked Vapid Dominator ASP is a classic muscle car that's as fast as an Inside Track winner while packing the physique of a Belgian Blue," Rockstar Games said about the new car. "Sounds intense? It is..."

Just as we saw last week when a new vehicle was made available to purchase, another has been added to the game's Test Track that's found at the LS Car Meet. By visiting this new Los Santos Tuners location, you can take the Emperor Vectre for a drive to see if it's worth picking up whenever it releases next week. If you didn't get to try out the Vapid Dominator ASP, you'll still be able to test it within the Test Track as well to know what it's like before you purchase it.

"Stop by the LS Car Meet's Test Track anytime this week to give the unreleased Emperor Vectre a spin and hear how it purrs before it's available to add to your collection next week," Rockstar Games said. "While you're there you can also test out the Dinka RT3000 and the brand-new Vapid Dominator ASP."


GTA Online's newest vehicle is now available to purchase with more to look forward to in future updates.