GTA Online Update Brings Terrifying New Adversary Mode and New Year's Gifts

gta online 2
(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games just sent out a press release detailing ia huge new update for GTA Online which has a little something for everyone. For high-speed thrill-seekers, we have the new Overflod Autarch, the sickest looking car you've ever seen. For those of you who love to jump into the pit and wreak some havoc, there's also an intense new adversary mode on the way called "Slashers."

We'll kick things off with your hot new ride. According to Rockstar, the Autarch is not just a sports prototype or concept GT. It's something much better. "If all you've ever wanted from life is to be ogled as you cruise down Vinewood Boulevard, the engineers at Overflod would like a word. And that word is Autarch. Crafted with speed in mind and the environment as an afterthought, this Supercar is guaranteed to turn a few heads as you blow through red lights, stop signs and jaywalkers alike. Pick up the Overflod Autarch at Legendary Motorsport today."

Now on to the good stuff. Once again, GTA Online players are getting treated to a brand new, totally free, adversary mode. This time, the popular "Slasher" mode is making a comeback as "Slashers," and there are a few gameplay tweaks this time around that will take even the long-time players by surprise. Slashers will arrive in a couple of weeks. Here's the official description:

"The anxiety-inducing fun of classic Adversary Mode Slasher is back with a vengeance… plus an extra letter. Introducing Slashers - a terrifying ordeal that pits two teams against one another, each desperately scrambling to outlive the opposition. The Slashers, armed with Machetes and Shotguns, must wade through the darkness in pursuit of the Hunted, who are equipped with Thermal Vision and Flashlights. But don't get too comfortable - as each minute passes, the team roles are reversed until one group has been wiped out completely. Earn Double GTA$ & RP on Slashers now through January 8th."

Finally, Rockstar hinted at some New Year's gifts coming your way very soon. They didn't specify what it would be, but our bet is on cold, hard cash. Keep an eye out!