Gundam Versus Set To Get An Open Beta This Summer


Bandai Namco announced the newest Gundam game, Gundam Versus, would be making its way to U.S. shores earlier this year – something previous games in the series haven’t been able to do. But some players are wondering just how the battle-oriented anime game will turn out. Well, not to worry – you’ll have a chance to try before you guy.

The publisher has confirmed that an open beta for Gundam Versus will be launching sometime this summer, not only giving players the opportunity to try out many of its mech warriors, but also the opportunity to see how well multiplayer shapes up. After all, the game is named Versus for a reason.

While Bandai Namco didn’t confirm what dates the open beta will be taking place, the game is coming out on September 29th, so more than likely, it’ll be sometime in late August or early September. The company has also not noted how many characters will be playable in the game, but it’ll still provide you a chance to get a hang of Gundam Versus’ mechanics, as well as, again, testing out the online multiplayer.

We’ll let you know when the beta is set to officially launch. The game releases for PlayStation 4 on September 29th.