Halo Infinite Update Improves Performance Before Next Beta

The next Halo Infinite is starting up soon with October 1st kicking off the second of the recently announced multiplayer flights. Matchmaking will open at 10 a.m. PT on Friday assuming the Halo Infinite beta schedule is adhered to and everything goes according to plan, but before you hop into the preview, you may need to download an update. That's because 343 Industries announced this week that it released an update for the Multiplayer Technical Preview to increase framerates among other performance metrics.

John Junyszek, the community manager at 343 Industries, added some context to a tweet from the Halo Support account this week to detail some of what was included in the update. While the support account first listed it as an update that "should reduce hitching and improve performance," Junyszek provided specifics. He said the update "should reduce hitching, improve frame-pacing, and increase framerates by about 15%."

If you're playing the Halo Infinite multiplayer preview on the PC platform, you're going to want to make sure you've downloaded that by now or at least before the matchmaking opens up on Friday so that your playtime isn't delayed. This only applies to those on the PC, however, since there's no update required for those who are playing on Xbox consoles.

Once you've gotten that taken care of, you'll want to make sure you don't have to go into your Halo Infinite battles alone by taking advantage of the expanded multiplayer preview invites that are being offered for this next test. Earlier in the week, the official Halo account on Twitter announced that more people would be able to play in this next beta test compared to the last one. For those on the PC platform, you've been granted an invite code via email that can be shared with a friend. For those on the Xbox platform, you're able to pre-load the preview without restrictions so long as you've enrolled in the Xbox Insider program which is required to play.

"Halo Insiders: A friend invite code, which grants access on PC and Xbox, has been emailed to you!" the account said. "Xbox Players: All Xbox players can pre-load via the Xbox Insider Hub today!"

The Halo Infinite test for this weekend begins on October 1st and will run until October 4th at which point access to the preview will end at 10 a.m. PT.