Halo Infinite Trailer Reveals New Look at Craig the Brute

343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios gave us our first extensive look at the campaign of Halo Infinite in over a year earlier this morning. As a whole, the video that was released shed more light on the game's story, combat, and more specifically, the world that Master Chief will be exploring this time around. And while the video itself was quite impressive in a number of ways, perhaps one of the more notable aspects of the campaign overview is that it gave us a new look at Craig the Brute. 

If you remember the first campaign video for Halo Infinite that launched last year, one of the most memorable parts of the presentation came when Master Chief happened to be fighting a specific Brute. After the stream ended, some fans happened to noticed that this Brute in question contained some rather bizarre facial features. The character's face ended up going viral through a litany of different memes poking fun at the game and the Brute. Soon enough, 343 Industries itself hopped in on the joke and lovingly declared that the Brute's name moving forward would be Craig. The internet loved the idea and the name stuck. 

Well, as luck would have it, Craig was briefly featured in today's new video for Halo Infinite, although not for long. Around five minutes into the video, the presentation said that the campaign would require Master Chief to "take on returning favorites." When this was said, we got to see a short new look at the section of Halo Infinite that we saw in last year's demo. Craig quickly came down crashing from the sky in his drop pod, but Master Chief ended up making quick work of him. As a whole, we didn't get to really see if his facial features had changed that much over the past year, but it was nice to see him make an appearance all the same. 

When it comes to the actual release of Halo Infinite, the game is still poised to launch later this year on December 8. It will be available on day one for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass.