New Halo Infinite Update Adding More Community-Requested Features

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries shared with players some insights into what's planned for the game's next update scheduled to release on August 9th. It's a "Drop Pod" update which means it contains smaller features and fixes rather than new game modes and such, but 343 still says it's one that addresses several community-requested features ranging from improvements on the game's armor system to making challenges more visible for players looking to check off those tasks.

In this next update, 343 is freeing up visors to work with different armor cores rather than the ones they're currently restricted to. Players may recall that the developer said not long ago it planned to make different armor pieces compatible with multiple armor cores rather than having the cosmetics restricted to certain cores, but the process was said to be a gradual one. In this next update, "all visors that are currently in the game, and all future visors to come, will work across all helmets from all armor cores."

"At present, there are a multitude of visors in the game split across the 5 armor cores," 343's senior community manager John Junyszek said in the August Drop Pod preview. "If you've wanted to use the shiny gold Noble visor (which has hitherto been locked to the Mark V [B] armor core) to complete your look on any of your other cores, you'll be able to make that happen when the August Drop Pod lands."

While that armor change is the highlight of the update, 343 is also making it so that challenges will be viewable right from the start menu so that players can easily check in on their tasks at hand to see what needs to be completed. This same update will also lay the groundwork for more ranked playlists in the future with a new playlist or two already coming in this next update.

"Kicking things off will be Ranked Doubles, which is set to land two weeks after the Drop Pod's release – along with a CSR reset. Additionally, a social Team Doubles playlist will be accompanying Ranked Doubles on its launch day, meaning Halo Infinite will be getting twice the 2v2 fun."

Halo Infinite's August Drop Pod update arrives on August 9th, so expect these features to be available then.