Next Halo: The Master Chief Collection Flight Will Focus on Xbox PvP

Past Halo: The Master Chief Collection flights have given Halo fans a chance to test out the version of the game 343 Industries has been working to improve, but it’s been only players on PCs who have been able to take part recently. Those on the Xbox One will finally be getting their chance to try out the next stage of The Master Chief Collection though now that the developer has announced its plans to focus on Xbox PvP during the next flight.

Though the Master Chief Collection launched for the Xbox One years ago, 343 Industries has been spending time updating the collection while working with the community. An update from the end of July announced that “flighting on the Xbox One will continue to be delayed” due to an ongoing issue involving adding Halo: Reach to the collection. The latest announcement from 343 Industries indicated that the Xbox test for PvP is on the way though barring any issues which may prevent it from taking place.

“Barring any additional flights joining the mix, the next flight on the docket is the Xbox PvP flight,” 343 Industries said. “There isn’t an ETA yet as the team is shifting gears over to focus on this next major milestone. We will have more info to share in the future, but right now everyone is catching their breath and evaluating what remaining items are needed to complete and get ready for the next flight on Xbox One.”


For any Xbox One user who’s hoping to hear more about the console flight, you’ll have to wait until 343 Industries has more to offer. However, you can go ahead and make sure everything’s in order so that you can take part when the flight is formally announced.

“By next week, I will hopefully have some more information to share as it relates to the Xbox One flight so stay tuned on that front,” the post continued. “In case you haven’t registered, please head over HERE and sign up to be a Halo Insider! Or, if you already are, make sure to update your profile if any of your preferences have changed or your PC specs are different. Make sure you have verified your email address or we will be unable to send you a flight invite.”

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