Halo TV Series Reveals New Looks at Warthog And Marines

We’re still patiently waiting to catch a first glimpse of the Halo TV series via a reveal [...]

We're still patiently waiting to catch a first glimpse of the Halo TV series via a reveal trailer, but more images of the show's live-action props have recently appeared on the internet. This time around, we're even able to get a new look at what the most iconic vehicle in the history of the video game franchise will look like in this adaptation.

Shared on Twitter by user @Mikethehuman_, two new pictures from the set of Halo have now emerged. While neither of these images shows off a whole lot, we do get to see some of the armor that the UNSC Marines in the show will be wearing to go along with an all-new glimpse at a Warthog. For those somehow not familiar with this vehicle, the Warthog is a Jeep-like SUV that has been in Halo dating all the way back to Combat Evolved. Its appearance here for the TV show looks incredible, to say the least. Even though we've seen a brief shot of the Warthog in the past, it's still so cool that the crew working on the show was able to make a real-world iteration of it.

Surprisingly, this has actually been a pretty big week for news on Halo as a whole. Just a few days back, it was announced that the show, when it releases next year, actually won't be airing on Showtime any longer. Instead, it will be coming to Paramount+, which is actually set to go live on March 4.

Conversely, 343 Industries also revealed a number of new details about Halo Infinite this week. Most of these new tidbits dealt with how the game's world was being structured, but some teases were also provided in the info dump. Once such tease even gave us a better idea of who the game's primary villain could end up becoming.

As a whole, Halo continues to be in a pretty solid space and the coming year should only prove to make things even that much better for longtime fans. With Halo Infinite and this TV series set to release in fall 2021 and 2022 respectively, the next year will surely be quite exciting.

What's your anticipation level for the Halo TV show? And when do you think we'll see the first trailer for the series appear? Be sure to give me your best guess either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.