Hasbro Will Make New HeroQuest Board Game if Crowdfunding Campaign Reaches $1 Million

heroquest hed
(Photo: Hasbro)

The 1980s board game HeroQuest will get a second life, presuming its fans pledge $1 million in pre-orders on a Hasbro Pulse campaign. Earlier today, Hasbro launched the HasLab crowdfunding campaign for a new HeroQuest board game, which would resurrect the popular 1980s dungeon-crawling franchise for a game and two expansions. Hasbro first teased a revival of HeroQuest last month when it launched a countdown page on its Avalon Hill subsidiary. The base game (available for a $99 pledge) will contain 71 miniatures, with an additional 5 miniatures available only to those who back the initial pre-order campaign. Two expansions are also available to those who back a more expensive "Mythic Tier" option at $150.

The use of HasLab, an in-house crowdfunding service billed as a way to put "dream projects" into the hands of fans, is a bit of a surprise given the explosive popularity of board games and the strong name recognition of HeroQuest, which still has a loyal fanbase even though new material hasn't been produced in over 20 years. It's also a bit unusual in that HeroQuest is only available to backers who live in the US and Canada, which suggests some international licensing issues. The original HeroQuest was a collaboration between Milton Bradley and the British game company Games Workshop, who is best known for making Warhammer 40,000. The spinoff game Warhammer Quest remains an active franchise for Games Workshop, albeit with vastly changed rules from the original.


Hasbro will move HeroQuest into production if it reaches a $1 million threshold, and the game raised over $250,000 in the campaign's first hour. Fans can back the HeroQuest production campaign until November 6th, giving fans about 45 days to make a decision. You can check out the full campaign on the Hasbro Pulse website, and check out the "Sizzle Video" for the campaign below: