Hogwarts Legacy Players Slam Lore-Breaking Issues

Hogwarts Legacy is selling millions and millions of copies, it garnered strong critical reviews at launch, and most Harry Potter fans seem to be enjoying the game, however, it's far from perfect. And those that were hoping for a more immersive experience, an experience that makes you feel like a Hogwarts student, have been disappointed to find out that Hogwarts Legacy really isn't that game. The game isn't canon, and it's evident by how often it's willing to break canon and immersion in favor of maintaining its open-world design philosophies. For some this is fine, but others aren't loving that the game doesn't have more school and social sim elements and that it so readily breaks the rules of the world. 

To this end, a post over on the game's Reddit page pointing out all of this, citing examples like no curfew and no punishment for using unforgivable curses, has gained considerable traction and its sentiments have been echoed by virtually all the replies. 

"I don't feel like a Hogwarts student at all," reads the post in question. "I can go where I like when I like even the professor's bedrooms, there is no curfew, no punishment for using unforgivable curses in the school. [There is] no interactive lessons, students don't even react to me, I have no real school friends and the common rooms are just pointless and there is nothing to do in them. I feel more like a professor or visitor to the school. I do enjoy the game, but after playing games like Bully (or even Skool Daze for fellow older gamers) where I truly felt like a student, this is a massive of a letdown in that area in my opinion."

Right now, the post has over 700 replies, most of which are in agreement, and over 2,000 votes up. It's hard to gauge how the opinions of hardcore fans that frequent the game's Reddit page translate to the millions of more casual users playing the game, but there's been enough chatter about this that suggests Avalanche Software will need to bolster the sequel with a much stronger commitment to immersing players in its otherwise wonderfully-realized world. 

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. Do you agree with these Reddit users? Does Hogwarts Legacy have an immersion problem? Would it be better of spending more time immersing players in the life of a Hogwarts student?