Hogwarts Legacy Reveal Teased by Insider

A new reveal associated with Hogwarts Legacy, which is the upcoming role-playing game set within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is said to be coming about soon according to a reliable insider. Outside of the game's reveal last year, those at WB Games haven't shown off anything new related to Hogwarts Legacy throughout 2021, other than announcing a delay for the project. Fortunately, this silence should be coming to an end in what seems to be less than a month. 

The insider in question who happened to tease recently that Hogwarts Legacy is soon poised to re-emerge is that of Millie Amand. In recent months, Amand has been a reliable source of insider information when it comes to a number of forthcoming projects. Within recent days, Amand teased on Twitter that Hogwarts Legacy will be entering the spotlight in the near future in a rather sly manner. Rather than blatantly revealing anything related to the game, Amand simply posted a GIF of the game's key art alongside the caption "Soon...", indicating that we're due to see the title before long. 

This actually isn't the first time in recent months that Amand has teased news related to Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, not too long ago, she claimed that the game would end up appearing at either a PlayStation event in October or would instead be shown off during The Game Awards 2021, which is poised to take place in early December. Given that Hogwarts Legacy was a no-show at the October PlayStation State of Play event, it now seems like The Game Awards is where we'll end up seeing more from the project. 

As a whole, The Game Awards are set to take place this year on Thursday, December 9, meaning that this is the date you should circle on your calendar if you're wanting to see more of Hogwarts Legacy. As for the game itself, WB Games has currently only committed to broadly releasing the title in 2022 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. If new details for Hogwarts Legacy do come about in the next month, we'll be sure to keep you updated at our dedicated coverage hub right here